Some Do's & Don'ts for Maintaining a Freezer


Some people shorten the working life of their freezer without even realising it. Although this is never intentional, it happens regularly, simply because they don't have the knowledge available to maintain their freezer. This article examines some important things to do, and not to do, to promote a long and useful working life for a freezer.


Improve efficiency: Do clean the coils on a regular basis, around every four or five months is good, to maintain the efficiency of the freezer. Use a duster or a vacuum to clean the coils, and this could also reduce operating costs.

Allow space: Do keep a little space at the back and the top of the freezer when filling it with food. This allows for proper airflow, and will also help to avoid any inadvertent blocking of the pipes.

Position correctly: If you are moving a freezer, do keep it upright during the moving process. This prevents compressor oil from entering the coils, which could then cause problems for the coils.

Keep it full: A half filled freezer will have to work harder to freeze any food that is surrounded by empty air. Ensure that your freezer is well stocked, but without overdoing it.

Store correctly: If you have to store a freezer, maintain it by removing the door as it sits in storage. Also, if you are bringing a freezer out of storage to be used, do let sit overnight (or for twenty four hours) before you start using it again.

Keep the temperature set correctly: The optimum operating range of freezers is between -17 and -15 degrees Celsius; minor adjustments to this may shorten the life of your freezer.

Do Not

Chip away ice: Do not be tempted to chip away at any ice in the freezer that has built up. This may cause you an injury, as the ice is slippy, meaning that any sharp tools you use could easily cause an injury. Also, it is very easy to cut or nick the seal, causing damage to the lining.

Store unplugged: Many modern freezers require constant power to be able to function properly. Some of the working units require constant power to be able to keep the compressor working and sufficiently lubricated.

Also, be aware that purchasing a new freezer will cost you less money in the long run, as modern freezers are much more energy efficient than freezers manufactured even just a few years ago. See it as an investment. Learn more tips by consulting resources like Mack's Fix Refrigeration Industries.


21 April 2015

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