How pontoons can create the best water patios


There's nothing better for a lakeside retreat or a riverside cottage than a tranquil, relaxing patio where you can sit in comfort and overlook the waters ripple on a cool, summer day. Of course, you could build such a structure from wood or even metal. But if you want something that's flexible — something that you can be altered depending on your mood and needs each and every day — then nothing gives you versatility like a collection of pontoons. 

The best way to show how versatile pontoons can be for this function is to run through some of the best ways they can be put to use. Let's start with the simplest: a straight, long gangway leading out into the water.

Easy and quick to put together, structures like these are ideal for people who are short on time or just new to the concept of using such blocks. Practically, they make perfect diving platforms if the water is deep enough. If it isn't, they can be just as effective as launching spots for swimmers.

Speaking of swimming, you could instead get a little creative and fence off your own swimming pool in the nearby waters. Arranging the blocks in a square or rectangular-shaped zone, you could cut off the rest of the water body and have your own private area, perfect for keeping the kids under a close watch.

In fact, if you've got enough to use, you could take this to the next level and create two swimming pools on either side of your back door entrance with a gangway in-between them. Make the gangway itself wide enough to accommodate tables and chairs and voila — you have yourself a mini private resort!

Alternatively, you could scrap the idea of swimming altogether and use those extra blocks to create two separate platforms for tables and chairs, both leading in opposite directions. This will enable the adults and kids to split up, giving each some time to themselves. However, remember to build the gangway linking the two, otherwise you might get caught adrift if the blocks start floating outwards! 

Aside from all the practical ideas mentioned above — as well as the many others we're sure you can come up with — building structures like these is often a fun team-building exercise too. So not only will you enjoy the result, you should get a kick out of the process as well.

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14 September 2016

Repairing my dad's old fixie

I really want a cool old fixie like some of the people at my university have, but they are actually more expensive than I had first thought. Then I was going through the shed at home, and I found a really old rusted bike my dad used to use. The bike needed a lot of work, so it's been a project for the last few months to get it working properly and get it looking great again. This blog has all of the repair and restoration steps that I have used, and pictures of my progress as the project progressed.