Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Restoration Services


Carpet restoration can be just what your home needs if the carpeting looks a bit dull and drab. Very often a good restorative service can bring back the carpet's color and nap, while also giving it a very thorough cleaning. If your home's carpeting doesn't look its best but you're not quite ready for new carpeting, note a few questions you might have about restoration services. This can help you decide if it would be the best choice for your home.

Does restoration mean soaking wet carpets for several days?

There are usually many different types of carpet restoration services, and some don't even involve water. For example, a carbonated dry foam can be applied to carpeting; the foam expands and loosens dirt from fibers so it can be easily extracted. Dry shampoos are also often used; these are carpeting cleansers that are brushed into the carpet and then extracted. The extraction removes the shampoo as well as dust and dirt from the carpeting. If you're worried about not being able to walk on wet carpets after a restoration service, ask about these dry options.

Do carpets get even dirtier after a restoration service?

It's a common thought that carpets get dirtier, faster, after being cleaned, but this typically only happens when homeowners try to clean carpets themselves. Most carpet shampoos you purchase at a home supply store are sticky when applied, so they can stick to the dirt in your carpeting. However, if you fail to rinse and extract that shampoo completely, this leaves behind a sticky residue that easily holds dirt.

A good carpet restoration service won't use cheap products that don't rinse well, and they will be skilled at completely extracting all shampoos, detergents, foams, and other materials they may use. This will result in a clean carpet that won't get any dirtier, any faster than normal.

Why didn't the carpet protector I applied work to keep the carpets clean?

You can often buy a spray-on carpet protector from any home supply store, but note that these usually offer a very thin layer of protection. This material may easily degrade or get brushed off your carpeting every time you walk across it. These protectors also don't keep the carpeting fibers from being crushed; your carpeting may be clean but heavily trafficked areas look old and dull just from being flattened. A protector offered by a restoration service will be thicker and will more easily penetrate the carpet fibers, giving them strength to resist being flattened while keeping the carpets cleaner.


20 September 2016

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