Five Tips for Cleaning Your Mobile Home Roof


Cleaning the roof of your mobile home improves its kerb appeal, and it also prevents built up debris from causing damage. To clean your roof safely and effectively, there are several cleaning techniques you should keep in mind.

1. Clean pitched roofs as usual

If you have a pitched roof on your mobile home, you don't have to take any special considerations into mind. You can simply clean the roof as usual for a shingled or metal roof. However, if you have the standard, mostly flat, metal roof that comes on most mobile homes, you have to take special precautions to protect the roof from damage while still getting it clean.

2. Wear soft soled shoes and avoid heavy weights

To clean your mobile home roof, you will need to get onto the roof. So that you don't poke holes in the roof, wear soft soled shoes such as trainers. Check the manufacturer's weight restrictions before getting on the roof, and make sure that you or the combined weight of yourself and anyone helping you is under the maximum weight limit for the mobile home's roof.

3. Clean the roof with soapy water and a brush

Once you get on the roof, remove dry debris by sweeping the roof. Use a long-handled brush or stiff-bristled broom. Then pour a bucket of soapy water on the roof and use the brush to scrub off any stuck-on debris as you push the soapy water into the gutters.

4. Use pressure washers sparingly

If you are too heavy for the roof or if it is relatively old and you don't want to climb on it, use scaffolding to raise yourself up to the level of the roof. Then clean the roof with a pressure washer on a low setting. Don't use a high setting as the jets of water may penetrate roughly under the seams between the metal roofing sections. Alternatively, talk with a professional roof washing company about SoftWash, a safe alternative to pressure washing, which is ideal for cleaning roofs.

5. Monitor the roof for damage

While you are cleaning the roof of your mobile home, take some time to inspect it for damage. If you see any cracks, cover them with roofing fabric and patching material. If you see loose joints, put in new screws to repair them. Also, consider adding a coating to your mobile home to protect it from small dings and dents and chemical corrosion.

If at any point you're worried about your safety or ability to clean the roof properly, you can contact hire roof cleaning services to handle it for you.


5 October 2016

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