Building a Stone House? Here are Some Ideas for a Successful Project


The beauty and natural appearance that stone adds to a property cannot be achieved with any other building material. For this reason, natural stone is becoming a preferred building material with most owners. However, unlike other materials such as concrete, the use of stone requires several considerations and prior preparations to guarantee the success of the project and prevent hitches in the future. When used correctly and with expertise, natural stone can deliver a beautiful and durable structure. Here are some tips and ideas on how to build your home with stone.

Choose stone wisely

Natural stone is available in a myriad of colors, textures, and configurations. Some types of natural stones change color over time, and this can be disheartening if it happens to your home, before settling for a particular stone, enquire from your stone mason whether the stone changes color over time. Also, you can visit some stone houses that have been around for a long time and assess their structure. If the stone is still beautiful and hasn't weathered or changed color, enquire about the type so that you can use such for your home.

Find an ideal location

A stone structure requires a solid ground with well-drained soil. If the building is constructed on poorly drained soil, the masonry can end up cracking if the soil settles. Soil settling occurs when water infiltrates the ground and causes unstable soils to decrease in volume and collapse. Excessive soil settling can cause extensive damage to a building, and this can be a life-threatening hazard. A land surveyor should assess the ground and soil so that they can give you the green light to proceed with the construction.

Plan for utilities and systems

Concrete structures are easy to alter and drill through so as to accommodate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. However, natural stone can be quite hard to drill through, and the process can delay your project. To avoid this, make plans for the openings before the start of the construction. Work with your designer and architect to determine where the spaces that the systems will go through so that they can be provided for. This way, you won't need to make any time-consuming structural modifications after putting up the structure.

Don't forget the landscape

Natural stone is not only an ideal construction material, but it is also perfect for landscaping. As such using stone on your patio, exterior steps, sidewalk edges, and garden retaining walls can be a great way of harmonizing your house with the environment. You can even create a statement feature such as a waterfall at the front of your property to create a beautiful outdoors environment.

Consider these tips when suing natural stone for your construction to achieve a beautiful and functional structure. Also, hire an experienced masonry as the quality of the construction will determine the outcome of the project.


16 November 2016

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